Tetsudo is a unique martial art suitable for adults and children. We believe in values like integrity, discipline patience, courage, confidence and friendship, we encourage the ability to overcoming obstacles and limitations.

Tetsudo enables you to improve your fitness flexibility strength and confidence with an emphasis on self control and quality techniques. Tetsudo incorporates a blend of combat skills and artistic movement from self defence to meditation.

In Tetsudo we believe there is a direct path between the Body and the mind, we use physical techniques develop a strength of mind

We teach.... you how to kick and how to punch

you develop.....high self esteem and a positive attitude

We offer classes for adults:

Tuesdays: 20.15 - 22.00 (beginners class)

Thursday: 20.15 - 22.00 (advanced class)

We have classes for children: (ages 5+)

Tuesdays: 19.00 - 19.45

Thursday: 19.00 - 20.00

Membership Cost

We recognise that as a martial art there are some costs involved to a student who trains in Tetsudo and as a non profit organisation the costs involved are designed to cover the overheads of the association/club (room hire/insurance/etc)

To give you an idea of costs involved within our association see the following:

Membership and Insurance for 12 months

Adult £25 + £5 for Belt/T-Shirt

Child £18 + £5 for Belt/T-Shirt (up to age 18)

​Training Fees for Adults:

One session per week (monthly standing order - £20)

Two session per week (monthly standing order - £32)

(Price based on 48 weeks per calendar year)

Training Fees for Children:

One session per week (monthly standing order - £16)

Two session per week (monthly standing order - £24)

(Price based on 48 weeks per calendar year)

Grading Fee:

Adults £12

Junior £6 (per tag grading)

There is no requirement to buy a Gi (suit) when joining as we feel there's no point in buying a costly item when you don't know if your going to keep training or not! We feel that after a period of time usually around Yellow Belt, then it's a good time to purchase one!

Gi suit prices start from £35 (based on size)

No other equipment or costs are required (pads, head & body protection, gum shield, etc)

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