Long Eaton Traditional Shotokan offer dedicated karate classes for children aged 5 to 15.

We cover the fundamental techniques and principles of Shotokan karate, but our goal is much more than just teaching how to kick & punch, our aim is to offer a programme which boosts children's confidence, fitness, self-esteem and promotes personal development.

Everyone has a different reason for starting karate, some simply want to meet and make new friends, some want to find a way to shake off their shyness, others want to push themselves out of their comfort zone to see what they may be capable of, whatever your reason for starting, we will help you reach your goals and unlock your inner strength.

Long Eaton Traditional Shotokan is affiliated to the Federation of Shotokan Karate (FSK) under the direction of Chief Instructor, former British, European and World Champion, Sensei Aidan Trimble (8th Dan)

Every Sunday Afternoon

Children aged 5-10; 3:00-4:00pm

Children aged 10+ to black belt; 4:00-5:00pm

Current Offers:

Free Trial Lesson - We are more than happy for you to come along and enjoy your first lesson for free.


Children (All ages): £4.00 per lesson.

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Book your free trial class contact Claire on

07581 200 700


What is Karate?

Karate, in simple terms, is a Japanese martial art system in which the practitioner trains to be able to defend themselves against an attacker using a series of blocks, strikes and counters, including punching and kicking techniques.   

Our training focus on the 3 key areas of Karate:

Kihon Basic techniques which cover punches, strikes kicks, stances, and body movement.

Kata Traditional pre-arranged forms which incorporate Kihon techniques into combined patterns.

Kumite Where the techniques learnt in Kihon and Kata are applied against an opponent.

We begin with pre-determined drills to help understand timing and build confidence, whilst working towards free sparring which allows free exchange of techniques between opponents

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